Common Terms

01.  Common Terms

Drift   Price direction from OPEN to CLOSE on day of earnings

ER +++  Beat EPS, Beat Revenue, Raised Guidance

Retest  Breaks PP and comes back to test same area

Stacked Squeezes  multiple TTM across timeframes

TOS  Think or Swim platform

TTM  indicator showing BB inside Keltner Bands

02. Abbreviations

-VE  –  Negative

+VE  –  Positive

1H, 2H  –  1 Hour, 2 Hour etc

1M 5M  –  1 minute, 5 Minute

A/H  –  after hours

AM  –  Average Move

AMC  –  After Market Close

ATR  –  Average True Range

BB  –  Bollinger Bands

BMO  –  Before Market Opens

BO  –  Break out

BTC  –  Bought to Close

BTO  –  Bought to open

CC  –  Covered Call OR conference call

CH  –  Cup & Handle

Div  –  Dividend

DTE  –  Date to Expiration

FBO  –  Failed BreakOut

EM  –  Expected Move

ER  –  Earnings Report

HH  –  Higher high

HL  –  Higher Low

HTB  –  Hard to Borrow

IC  –  Iron Condor

ICB  –  Inside Candle Break

IF  –  Iron Fly

IM  –  Implied Move

IV  –  Implied Volatility

LH  –  Lower High

LL  –  Lower Low

LOL  –  Live Opportunity Learning

MC  –  Market Chameleon

O/U  –  Over Under

OG  –  Opening Gap

OI  –  Open Interest

PM  –  Pre Market

POC  –  point of control

PP  –  Pivot point

R/R  –  Risk Reward

SIP  –  Stock in Play

SS  –  either “Short Straddle” or “Short Sale”. Depends on context – ER plays are Short straddles. Day trading I will type “ss AMD” that means Short Sale

STC  –  Sold to Close

STO  –  Sold to open

TL  –  Trend Line

VAH  –  Value Area High

VAL  –  Value area Low

VCS  –  Vertical call spread/Bear call spread

VP  –  Volume Profile

VPS  –  Vertical Put Spread/Bull Put Spread