Meet Donald Williams!

Donald Williams

In the life of Donald Williams, all roads lead to trading.

Today he’s the face and force of The Trading University. He has been a business owner, manager, and strategic planner too. But before all that, Donald was a young boy growing up in the south of the US.

His most vivid memory involves his dear father, gifting a piece of paper to little 8-year old him.

It was a Certificate of Stock, and what came with it was a piece of most cherished advice: “Always remember to make money work for you instead of you working for your money.”

That was a definitive moment for Donald. When his father passed, he saw first-hand what financial education could do for his loved ones.

Donald’s journey has taken him through different entrepreneurial experiences, all for financial freedom.

He has been a Multi-Unit Owner of a chain of successful fast-food restaurants. He’s ventured into other franchises, too.

But his passion for the stock market was stronger. So he sold everything and started trading.

We could say, “THE END” and that would be Donald’s story.

But like so many traders, he fell into the trap of paying thousands of dollars to “gurus”. They promised “alert” based services and overnight wealth. Donald blew up the account and lost.

This experience taught him that to succeed, we need to do the hard work of studying trading. No shortcuts. No sleazy “gurus”.

Donald believes that committed traders deserve a place for guided education.

A place for real-time live trading, surrounded by a support system of fellow learners.

A place for learning the ropes that is sustainable.

And that’s why, for Donald Williams, all roads lead to education based trading at The Trading University.

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to create a supportive learning environment that attracts traders willing to use discipline, hard work, and assertiveness to become consistently profitable.
  • We will guide our trading family to success through an education that combines proven trading techniques with in-depth psychological self-analysis.
  • In the end, we provide guided educational materials coupled with live trading in real-time to actively implement the skills we teach.
  • The perpetual value of our service is a continual, prop-style environment of like-minded traders willing to share ideas and uplift the whole trading family.

Core Values


  • Willingness to learn to get to the “know” and in turn teach and guide others to the “know”
  • Desire to share edges you create with the group


  • Exhibits self awareness by being honest with self and group about progress
  • Follows through with commitments


  • Avoids FOMO
  • Consistently follows one’s plan, edge and routine


  • Willing to share one’s thoughts and ideas even if it goes against the majority


  • Understands one’s edge is what makes him/her an effective trader
  • Doesn’t take offense to feedback, but sees it as an opportunity to grow

Growth Mindset

  • Believe’s in one’s ability to learn to be a CPT
  • Focuses on one’s own progress VS comparing oneself to others
  • Understands that effort is the key to growth
  • Sees challenges as opportunities to grow
  • Embraces mistakes as part of the learning process